Specialized Digital Marketing
in Markets and Shopping Centers

Digital Marketing Specialized in Markets and Shopping Centers


  • Study and digital transformation strategy
  • Web / Ecommerce
  • Social networks
  • Branding strategy
  • Corporate videos
  • Product presentation
  • Showcooking
  • Live cooking
  • Grant filing and management service

Request for the requirements of the applicant company for the call for subsidies for the activation of retail trade.

Announcement and resolution of the grant award procedure corresponding to the current year of management.

The most logical strategy to adapt to the technological revolution is to integrate, from the management of the markets and shopping centers, digital marketing as one more tool to achieve your goals. But the truth is that there are still many food markets and shopping centers in Spain that do not give enough importance to their online environment, thus wasting many opportunities to connect with your target, and in consequence, to successfully achieve the goals that have been set.

A good work strategy in social networks, Corporate web, Database management and email marketing can be an important differential factor with your closest competition, in an environment where most centers have a commercial offer, of services and similar target audience.

At Pentabrand we are more than convinced (because we have implemented it multiple times) that digital marketing for shopping centers and food markets is essential to achieve the objectives established in the marketing plan, but always with a proper strategy set by communication and marketing professionals.


The case of the Puerta de la Carne Market in Seville is very special in terms of the impact that a change of Image for a Brand with almost 100 years old was facing. We needed to study its history in detail, your tour, his influence in the city, its target and its modus operandi. With this information we could link the old with the modern, without involving a drastic change, even more so when we were coming from a structural makeover a decade ago. The result has been a Brand Identity composed of the mixture of colors of the wide variety of products and people that compose it.. Creating a natural environment, fresh and very dynamic, that give a lot of play when creating new applications for the Association.