"Work until you don't have to show up"

Work until you don't have to introduce yourself


Because we have studied your business and we know that you differ from your competition, because your project is to grow exponentially, because we believe in you, in your validity as an entrepreneur, your originality makes the difference in your sector, That is why we want to offer you the tool that will validate the exclusive potential of your project.

"We indicate the process to be able to carry it out…”.

Your brand assignment in 4 Steps

Your brand assignment in 4 easy steps

Contractual issues and legality
  • Trademark and logo registration at the SPTO
  • Pre-Contract Temporary Trademark Assignment
  • Preparation of the contract for licensors
  • Communication strategy for brand marketing
Pre-opening phase
  • Market study: Location, population, competence…
  • Product training (characteristics, utilities, etc…)
  • 360º Operational Marketing Advice
  • Communication and digital development plan
  • Creation and start-up of a pilot store
  • Sales techniques
Manual Know How
  • Interior design manual and development
  • Manual and development of Window dressing
  • Manual and Visual Merchandising development
  • Manual and staff development
  • Management manual
  • Communication and digital development manual
Opening and continuity phase
  • Ongoing support and advice on business management
  • Information, access to rates and new products to introduce
  • Information on new suppliers and possible agreements
  • Periodic reports and sales evaluation
  • Commercial space management



In the case of Zeri´s Coffee, a complete work has been carried out with the 4 phases we described above, carrying out the implementation of the business model as a franchise and once developed, marketing said BRAND, finding your first franchisee.

PENTABRAND has completed a work on the implementation of the franchise model, offering a turnkey in which the implementation has been managed in the negotiation phase with the property of the premises and the community of owners where it is located., adequacy of the premises, licenses, interior design, staff pick, etc ... Until the business is fully assembled for its start-up.